Activities Committee Announcements

Hospitals & Institutions Committee Announcements

  • Boys Adolescents Commitment is Going Well.
  • Member is attaining FBI clearances.
  • A date will be picked in June for classes.
    Vice Chair has stepped down.
  • Secretary Stepped up to Vice Chair position.
  • Reviewing our policy.

-H&I Chair Report

Public Information Committee Announcements

  • Now at 7 Members with 2 new Members
  • New Website Coordinator
  • Establishing a “Quick List” of Announcements for Website and first page of Announcement Binders soon
  • Scheduling Monthly Flyer Drives
  • Establishing a Website Email Signup for Announcements
  • Working on Establishing a Phone Line Workshop
  • Submitted a Motion to Take the Meeting List Responsibility from the Lit Committee and Transfer to Our Committee (in minutes)
    -PI Chair Report

Policy Committee Announcements

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Literature Committee Announcements

  • bla

Regional Committee Member Announcements

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